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About Us

The Roshni Centre for Women is a organization located in Arcata CA for women and children in Swat Valley, Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. The Roshni Centre was the dream of Nadia, a local rural Pakistani woman, who wished for life to be better for the women of her village. She wanted it to be both educational and supportive. The women in the village wanted to have a place where they could meet with other women, both young and old, to learn self-improvement skills such as sewing and basic health education and eventually entrepreneurial skills. With the help of friends abroad Nadia’s dream became a reality on May 10, 2006.

The particular purpose of The Roshni Centre for Women is to encourage economic and educational opportunities for women and children living in the rural Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Life in rural Pakistan is often very challenging. We are not so different, whether we are rich or poor. We believe though, that we are responsible for each other, that those who have more privilege, need to help those who have little.

We connect women and children in Pakistan with women and children in the west, through presentations, a pen-pal program, and we also sell items hand-made from Pakistan. All of our events raise funds for the Roshni Centre for Women.

Our current project is to raise enough money to send 20,000 girls to school in Pakistan by 2020. To learn more about this project, please visit the 20/20 vision section.