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Honey Nut Cake Classes

It costs between $35-$50.00 to send a girl to school in rural Pakistan, and The Roshni Centre for Women and Swat Relief Initiative (both nonprofits) have a project called “20/20” Vision, with the goal of having 20,000 girls in school by 2020.

For this reason this baking class is on a sliding scale of $35-$50. Each person who attends will not only be making it possible for a girl to attend school, but will also learn how to make a recipe that has not been shared before, and will get to take home a Honey Nut Cake! Regular customers say that Honey Nut Cake tastes like “a Greek Baklava wrapped in a Scottish Shortbread”! Come join the fun. Classes are limited to 5-7 bakers

(so register in time at: or by contacting me, Rabia), who should bring a notebook and a rolling pin. The dates are as follows:

September 16, 2017

 September 30, 2017

 October 18, 2017