Honey Nut Cake Recipe Fundraiser

This is a fund-raiser for The Roshni Centre for Women in collaboration with Swat Relief Initiative’s “20/20 Vision Project”-hoping by the year 2020 to reach the goal of 20,000 girls in school in rural Pakistan.

During the class, you will learn how to make Rabia’s Honey Nut Cake, bring a notebook to take notes about the recipe and method. The classes are a Sliding Scale donation between $35.00-$50.00. For a girl to go to a basic school costs $35-50 in rural Pakistan, and some schooling is better than none.

UPDATE: We had seven classes in Arcata California. The classes are now over but may come back by popular demand. We are now offering the recipe in a PDF file for a Sliding Scale $35.00-$50.00. If you interested, please email us at roshnicentreforwomen@gmail.com. To pay please  go to PayPal.com and send money to roshnicentreforwomen@gmail.com.